Gathering Fresh Inspirations on the West Coast

This winter I am taking some time to travel the west coast with my husband and our dog. We started out in Washington State before the holidays and drove down the coast highway to the Bay Area of California for Christmas and and now are rambling around Northern California. All along the way we've had the joy of seeing family and friends and celebrating holidays with them. It is nice to sneak out of Wyoming's sub-zero temperaures and deep snow, after 16 years winters straight this Northern California "winter" feels like springtime.

November 2019 Studio Sale

I'm excited to announce my first ever Studio Sale! Online and open house: Nov. 1st groups of never seen artwork will start to be released online and throughout the month until Nov. 21-23 when I will be hosting an open studio for everyone to shop in person. Many many paintings, some sculpture large and small, and a lot of one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Returning in Stone

I’m getting so close to introducing my new jewelry collection! For the last two years I’ve been digging deep into my creative spirit and figuring out where to take my jewelry business.

Where have I been? Right here!

It's been a long time since I posted on my jeweler's blog but I've been working away in jewelry studio the whole time. Over a year ago I closed my bricks and mortar storefront in Pinedale to focus more fully on jewelry design and creation. Currently my jewelry can be found here on my website, in select stores, and I will be attending some summer art fairs this year. For my local Pinedale people you can find my jewelry next door to my store at the Cowboy Shop. I want to give a quick update of what's been going on in the studio:

Autumn Update

Sometimes I have a morning when I just don’t want to get out the door and go to work. Just tired or unenergetic. Today was one of those. But I got up, out the door and biked to work with my dog running alongside me. It’s cold out; autumn is in full swing and that means frosty mornings, white capped peaks and crispy leaves.

I Hope That You Are Joyous

A wonderful aspect of my job is that I get the opportunity to see people filled with joy when they purchase or receive a piece of my jewelry. I can’t understate how rewarding this is. I’ve made jewelry for many of life’s occasions and I’ve come to further understand how special we hold our jewelry.

2016 Gallery Schedule - Art Exhibits

I very happy to announce my 2016 gallery schedule. There's a great lineup of five exhibits this year including photocollages, painting, drawing, and mixed media and small sculpture. At this point I've shown over 20 Wyoming artists and while I don't by any means limit my boundaries to Wyoming, it just happens to be who I have shown. I like to find artists making present-day work whether they are reacting to our amazing wide open spaces or considering our regional politics.

A Lull in the Shop: Sparkly and Rainbowy

 I'll be closed the next couple of weeks to visit family and take some time to work on some art projects. It's easy to let months slip by in my daily routine and not even remember what I did so sometimes I find it good to slow down. This winter I'm trying to do that and it's hard because I hate to have the closed sign up if a customer stops by. The well trained American Puritan in me feels the guilt of not working NONSTOP.

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