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Autumn Update

Sometimes I have a morning when I just don’t want to get out the door and go to work. Just tired or unenergetic. Today was one of those. But I got up, out the door and biked to work with my dog running alongside me. It’s cold out; autumn is in full swing and that means frosty mornings, white capped peaks and crispy leaves.

Elk Ivory in Wyoming

October in Wyoming brings a lot of elk hunters to the mountains. A lot of people don't realize that elk have two ivory teeth and the hunters keep them and sometimes they bring them to me for a custom-made piece of jewelry. When I receive the ivories I cut, shape and polish them to make them ready for setting.

Teton Belt Buckle Step-by-Step

The Teton Range is the featured horizon line on this belt buckle. I made this for a customer who wanted a very special graduation present for her Wyoming son. It is all sterling silver with elk ivory highlights.

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