Isabel Jewelry is made by trying new ideas and finding stimulation in all aspects of life.

Isabel Rucker lives and runs her jewelry business in a small town in Wyoming's Rocky Mountains. The mountains provide a wonderful natural inspiration for Isabel's artwork. She spends her summers backpacking and camping and her winters cross-country skiing. Being close to nature continually feeds her creativity and desire to be environmentally-friendly.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and a small piece of art. Isabel hand-makes her jewelry of 100% recycled sterling silver and gold. Interested in keeping her jewelry fresh, she avoids big production lines, instead concentrating on one-of-a-kind, small-run and custom jewelry designs.

Wyoming Jade: In 2015, my husband and I began cutting and polishing our local gemstone: jade. Jade is Wyoming's official state gemstone and it is found in the heart of the state in the desert and mountains between Lander and Casper. Wyoming's jade comes in a variety of greens as well as grey and black. Each piece is totally one-of-a-kind, handcut and hand set in my custom designs.

About the recycled metals: Isabel Jewelry purchases precious metals from a mill that specializes in using only Earth’s existing metal supply, meaning that this mill does not buy metals from mining companies. When it is necessary to obtain metals from other sources, they are bought from other earth-friendly refineries that only use recycled metal. Any secondary refinery is required to provide in writing full disclosure of its metal sources.

Custom Work: Yes, I do custom work for people and enjoy working with somebody to make a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece. Timeline on special orders depends on my workload at the time. And pricing depends on the project's depth. I will not copy other artists' work, please don't ask me to; it is out of respect for my fellow artist and of my own creative process that I stand firm on this.

Isabel Jewelry Store: Located at 21 N. Franklin St, Pinedale, Wyoming.  Please come visit next time you are in Pinedale. Many more jewelry designs are offered in the shop. The shop is located at the base of world class fishing, skiing and hiking in the Wind River Range and it is on the way to the Teton and Yellowstone parks. The walls feature contemporary regional artists and the exhibits change every 2-3 months.  To read further on the artists, please visit the Pinedale Art Gallery page.

Social Networking: I am on Instagram (@isabeljewelry), Facebook (Isabel Jewelry), Pinterest (isabeljewelry) and Twitter (@isabelrucker). I'd have to say Instagram is my favorite social network so I tend to post there the most. You can find behind the scenes photos of my workshop, artwork in progress and my Wyoming life. Facebook I announce specials and events. Twitter I mix in a lot of my drawing, painting and sculpture projects.

Other Artwork: to see my drawings, paintings and sculpture, please visit www.isabelrucker.com