Pinedale Gallery


Isabel Jewelry & Gallery was located beneath the Wind River Range in Pinedale, Wyoming from 2010-2016. The small shop and gallery was devoted to contemporary artists and also the jewelry work of Isabel Rucker. Rotating on the walls was present-day and  untraditional artwork. A wide range of media including paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, tapestries and silkscreen prints were shown.

Isabel Jewelry & Gallery brought artists’ inspirations to Sublette County and recognized the importance of art in the general consciousness. The gallery aspired to introduce thoughtful art forms and subjects. Artists provide a rare view of the world and their contemplations on it can stimulate emotion, inspiration, or memories in the viewers' minds.

At the end of 2016, Isabel decided to close the gallery/store project so that she could focus fully on her jewelry and art making. To see her artwork please visit:

Photos of Past Exhibits: Isabel Jewelry Gallery in Pinedale

Past Exhibiting Artists (in alphabetical order):

Delsa Allen Pinedale, Wy. - photography

Tad Anderson, Laramie, Wy. - pastels

Cristy Anspach, Pinedale, Wy. - sculpture

Ann Arndt, Sheridan, Wy. - tapestries

Elizabeth Boehm, Pinedale, Wy. - photography

Tara Bolgiano Daniel, Wy. -photography

JB Bond, Daniel, Wy.  - sculpture

Wendy L. Bredehoft, Laramie, Wy.  - pastels, prints

Alissa Davies, Jackson, Wy. - sculpture, paintings

Rita Donham, Cora, Wy. - ceramics

Colleen Friday Laramie, Wy. - photocollages

Favian Hernandez - sculpture & drawings

Carmel Kail, Pinedale, Wy. -  handpainted lampshades

David K. Klaren, Pinedale, Wy. - sculpture, prints

Robert Martinez, Riverton, Wy. - ledger paintings

Charmian McLellan, Boulder, Wy. - paintings

John Michalak, Portland, Or - silkscreen, sculpture

Bronwyn Minton, Jackson, Wy. - drawings, sculpture

Virginia Moore Lander, Wy. - paintings

Holland Morelli, Cora, Wy. - paintings

Aude-Noelle Nevius, Jackson, Wy. - paintings

Ryan Parker, Bozeman, Mt. - wet plate collodian photography

Bailey Russel, Laramie, Wy. - wet plate collodian photography

Sue Sommers Pinedale, Wy.  - paintings

Susan Durfee Jackson, Wy. - paintings/drawings

Cat Urbigkit, Big Piney, Wy. - photography

Adrienne Vetter Laramie, Wy. - photocollages


Pictured above:

Top: Cristy Anspach, hay, wire, feathers; David K. Klaren, wood, graphite, acrylic; Bronwyn Minton, ceramic

Bottom: Isabel Rucker, latex on board