Custom Made Elk Ivory Silver Capped Pendant Necklace

Custom Made Elk Ivory Silver Capped Pendant Necklace

I will make a custom silver elk ivory necklace for you with your elk ivory. If you do not have your own elk ivory, contact me to ask if I have any in stock (price will vary if I supply the gems).

I fabricate a custom silver cap for your ivory, each one is made by hand and fit for your stone. First I trim the tooth on the top so that I can fit and handmake the silver cap, then I add a simple loop on top and make a tiny silver rivet that goes through the cap and tooth to reinforce the strength of the design. Each one is unique depending on the shape, color and size of the elk ivory. Keep in mind that it may not look exactly like my photos due to each ivory's characteristics.

To order, you will need to provide one elk ivory of any size by mailing it to me. Once I receive it your custom elk ivory necklace will be made by me and shipped within two months. (I will provide the mailing address once I receive your order)

Elk Ivory, Sterling Silver, on an Adjustable Leather Cord.

What is elk ivory? Elk, a.k.a. wapiti, are one of the largest species of the deer family and have two ivory canine teeth. Historically these have been valued across the American West, initially by Native Americans. They have been seen as a sign of wealth, strength, and also an appreciation for the animal. Most people acquire them in the west while hunting, some people find them in the wild and others trade for them.